FAROLERO is an interactive walking audio tour in the format of a theatrical performance.

A unique promenade performance where the city turns into a theatrical scenery and resonates with old legends and breathtaking stories.
You are waiting for the night lights of the city, figures in capes and masks, deep and insightful stories, unexpected sounds, smells and tastes, magical effects, amazing finds, show elements and other surprises.
The city will open up for you in a new way. And you will see that a fairy tale has a place in ordinary life!
Before the start, the coordinators will give each participant the necessary items: headphones, in which the voice of the narrator will sound, branded raincoats and umbrellas in case of rain.
Then the guests will go along the city route, following the lamplighter, the main character of the tour. He will become a guide and tell many interesting stories about the city.

FAROLERO (from Spanish – lamplighter) is a character from the legend and the central figure of the tour. The lamplighter will become your personal guide on the way to your dream.

Our format is unique in that it captures kids, teenagers, and adults. Everyone finds something different – children watch the old lamplighter and enjoy treats, teenagers and adults are immersed in the atmosphere of Farolero legends, reminding us that each of us has a dream.